Hi there! We’re Matty and Luke, founders of Fingers & Fringe. Matty’s the one with six fingers and Luke’s the one with a rubbish fringe he obsesses over. After spending over four years working in broadcast media and graduating university together (where we met and bonded over the music of Take That), we made the decision to go out and form Fingers & Fringe. A decision we do not regret at all.

We love telling stories and entertaining people, and we are passionate about that being at the heart of Fingers & Fringe and everything we do. Whether it is a video for a business or one of our original projects, we want to make content that people can enjoy!

For us, Fingers & Fringe is not just our business, it is our way of life. And we hope that shows in the work we do.


Hello! I’m Matty, the ‘fingers’ part of Fingers & Fringe. I got into media back when I was 15 in school radio, managed the station and knew what my career had to be. From there, I pursued a job at Radio Tyneside being the magical link from the studio to St. James’ Park, playing songs during half time and such. Fast forward to university – I meet Luke, we bond over the music of Take That (naturally) and a beautiful partnership was born! Outside of the media world I’m a keen music fan, love my ice hockey you can find me supporting the Whitley Warriors most Sundays, and of course, my beloved Newcastle United and Accrington Stanley.

Since the start of Fingers & Fringe, we’ve written and developed sitcoms, made adverts for ITV, and made many comedy friends along the way. Can’t wait to see what else we can do!


Hello! I’m Luke, I’ve been passionate about creating content for as long as I can remember. I joined my local hospital radio station on Bishop Auckland when I was 15 and have since gone on to work at Metro Radio as an Assistant Producer on Alan Robson’s NightOwls where I have been ghost hunting and travelled the world! Radio is where I stared but I have since branched out into video as well. To work with someone who has the same passions as me is amazing, and Fingers & Fringe has become more than just a business for us, it’s a way of life. And that is what we always like to put across in our work.

When I’m not working I love a good game of squash, 5 a side, and the odd game of pool. Hope to work with you soon!